Üner Plastik

Since 1973 to present, quality for your source of life!

Our firm, which has been established as Uner Plastik-Osman Erkan in 1973, has increased investments due to developing market conditions and now is involved only in production of caps in its new plant in Gebze Plastics Organized Industrial Zone (GEPOSB) in an area of 5.000 m² of indoor space by the name of Uner Plastik A.S. since September 2002. It is a complete production base with 64 employees, machinery together with quality control room, dining hall and storage room.

Always aiming for the best, making a difference in the sector with its quality, leader by its realistic vision focused on hygiene and customer satisfaction

It has headed completely towards automation with a fast investment rush, embodying the injection machinery and patterns supplied from world’s best high-tech suppliers and the latest production techniques. Due to being on good terms with the suppliers, up-to-date process techniques are followed which are required for developing the current quality level and reducing production costs by boosting productivity.

Standards registered by ISO 9001:2015

Uner Plastik A.S. makes up a principle of producing the best in the most economic way and in the committed time within the frame of quality perception focused on customer satisfaction. In addition to ISO 9001 certificate which is the assurance of our quality since 2005, we also hold the following certificates ISO 22000 and BRC/IoP that certify the presence of hygienic conditions required for human health, given to the firms that have operations in food packaging.

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